Practice Policies


Cancellation/Late Policy

Up to 48 hours……………. let’s reschedule!

24-48 hours prior……… ….let’s reschedule
+ a charge of ½ the price of scheduled session. 

Within 24 hours………..…..let’s reschedule
+ a charge of full price of the scheduled session.  


HIPAA and Privacy

All client paperwork will be kept under HIPAA compliance.  Personal information will only be shared with other healthcare professionals (only if necessary) and only with consent of the client.  During the session, appropriate draping will always be used on body areas that are not actively being engaged.  The genitalia, gluteal cleft, and nipples will be draped and NOT touched at any point during the session.  Contact with breast tissue will only occur with logical therapeutic reasoning with written consent by the client.


Substance Abuse and
Right to Refuse 

Clients who are visibly under the influence of any mind altering substances will not be treated and asked to leave.  If the client asks for help in this realm, I will have resources available.  

Brittany Gaudette, LMT reserves the right to refuse services for reasons of safety or impropriety, or in the event that a client’s needs exceed the scope of practice for massage therapy as defined by WA state law.